Why does Tameday work?

Quite simply, because everything is in one place.
Everyone knows what they have to do—for when, who is responsible for what,
and where stuff is.

Gain control and make progress fast

Many project management apps burden you with more things to-do, they force you to work a certain way, to click endless settings and options. With Tameday, it’s a whole lot different! Your staff will be communicating and working productively from the get go.

  • We don’t offer millions of features that overwhelm users and actually prevent people from getting things done.
  • We understand that not everyone (clients included) needs another app to learn, which is why even those who don’t log in regularly can receive all notifications and chats via email, and respond to them directly.
  • We know internal email is an inefficient way of keeping everyone in the loop—in fact, using Tameday will likely reduce your internal email by up to 80%.
“Just try Tameday—you won’t regret it. We’re not techie at all and we were using it productively within a few hours.”
Sarah Williams, HSE

Welcome to My Place

Quickly see what’s on your plate at any given moment and jump to recent projects, chats and activity in one click.

Tameday My Place Dashboard

An overview of your work:

  • At-a-glance calendar
  • Your to-dos
  • Your upcoming events and meetings
  • Your inbox items from forwarded emails and quick-adds
  • Discussions you’re included in
  • Your files and notes
  • Polls you’re included in

Everything is just a click away!

  • My Locker – your own space to keep private events, to-dos, files and notes
  • Company HQ – your company space where everyone can share day-to-day stuff, events, announcements and policies
  • Recent chats
  • Bookmarks
  • Recent activity and reactions
  • Your calendar and your company’s calendar
“Tameday is my first port of call in the morning. I can see what’s overdue and what’s on for today at a glance. Within minutes I’ve my day planned and ready to go.” 😀
Mark Page

Get everything out of your head
and into one place

Tameday supports the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology by providing easy and quick ways of getting stuff out of your head and into one place where you can process it and action it later.

Tameday Quick Add and Global Add functionality

Quick add

Simply type what’s on your mind at the top of any Tameday screen, and hit enter—all without interrupting what you’re working on.

Everything goes directly into your inbox which you can review and action later.

Global add

From anywhere in Tameday, you can add a to-do, project, event, file or other element in seconds, from the Global Add circle.

Just click, enter the details and choose which project or team it’s for. Done!

Relax when you get everything out of your head