In 2017, small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the UK and 99.9% were small or medium-sized (SMEs) according to the Federation of Small Businesses. Managing your own business can be a daunting effort but incredibly rewarding. Your finances, project management, the needs of your employees, the work that you do and even your social media presence contribute to the list of things that command your attention.

Using project management techniques to handle everything can really boost your small business success and enable others around you to become more efficient—and the simplest route to enabling such an approach is to invest in project management (PM) or team collaboration software.

Get Everything Into One Place

The first project management technique that can boost productivity is getting everything in one place. Good PM software should allow for effective communication, for keeping all tasks and events related to your business in a single place that all employees (and clients) can access.

According to Liquid Planner, more than half (56.6%) of manufacturers use a combination of project management methodologies so it’s important to find the software that suits your size and needs.

When everyone is on the same page and using the same online system, good things happen:

  • Business processes are more clear and concise.
  • Teamwork is much more effective – assigning tasks, adding discussions and sharing events is done in a consistent way, which allows managers to audit the progress of projects and initiatives.
  • Remote working is possible, with staff being able to login from anywhere and communicate with their co-workers, access their to-dos and discussions as well as post new files for their colleagues in the office to access.
  • Clients can login and collaborate in a similar fashion, staying up-to-date and in sync with everything your business is working on.

In a small business, keeping on top of projects with different clients can be an administrative nightmare! Emails can get lost, paperwork misplaced and deadlines missed. Between 2015 and 2016, the percentage of organizations using a spreadsheet to manage their Agile projects decreased from 74% to 67% according to VersionOne.

Getting everything into one place can really boost your success and productivity!

Beware the Bells and Whistles

The problem with many project management solutions is that they offer far too many options for small businesses. In many circumstances, users are given tasks to manage their tasks which is counter-productive. They’re offered Gantt chart functionality even though they don’t have a dedicated project manager. Endless settings for notifications and communication.

Hours can be wasted reading a help file on how to colour coordinate your Gantt chart rather than getting work done. This is why choosing the right project management tool for your needs is important.

A solution such as Tameday aims to provide you with every tool your business needs—to record to-dos, events, chats and files—and none of the stuff you don’t need.

Replace Multiple Apps With Just One

Managing your business can be hard and you certainly don’t need to make it any harder by trying to manage multiple apps. In fact choosing a PM tool that rolls several key functions into one has many benefits:

  • More cost effective: If you have 4 or 5 apps and multiple staff, costs can spiral out of control. Having one PM tool is much more cost effective and manageable.
  • Reduces training: Starting out with any new project management tool can take some time for employees to get used to it. There may be time and costs associated with training employees—if you’ve multiple apps to train everyone on then that cost can add up quickly. However, if you choose a PM tool that offers everything and is very simple to use, then you can potentially be up and running in hours without any formal training.
  • Higher adoption rate: when everyone has only one app to get on board with, then the chances of adoption are much higher. Staff have different functions within a small business so it’s important the solution is flexible enough to allow different departments to manage the varying workloads and tasks.

Successful Communication is Absolutely Key

The ability to communicate clearly with your staff, your clients and indeed your suppliers is absolutely key to your business’ success.

Atlassian found that 59% of U.S. workers say communication is their team’s biggest obstacle to success, followed by accountability (29%).

On Tameday you can private chat with other users and group chat with teams or departments. This removes the constant string of back and forth emails. Bye, bye CC! In fact, the teams feature in Tameday goes even further that group chat—within the software you can set up teams in the same way you would a project, so departments can effectively collaborate, assign tasks, share files, messages, calendar events etc.

Gathering your employees under one roof for meetings can be difficult and in some cases impossible, not to mention how wasteful many meetings are. Using PM software to take the place of meetings through project updates and online discussions can really free up time whilst keeping everyone in the loop.

A small business can often not have a HR department, so disseminating important company info, new policies and procedures, as well as managing days off, can get in the way. Management software can perform in lieu of a HR department, allowing Management to distribute new company information as well obliging employees to update and record their own leave on a company-wide shared calendar.

Tameday has an activity stream which allows management access to see what everyone has completed, what they are commenting on and the projects they’re working on, providing accountability for everyone.

When you get a PM tool that is based on effective project management techniques to boost success, it’s inevitable that more and more small businesses will find they can’t live without it. And that’s precisely what’s happening with Tameday—so why not give it a try—you’ve only chaos to lose and time to gain!


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