Stay in the loop when on the move

The Problem:

You’re away from your desk but want to keep up to date with what is happening in your company’s Tameday account, who’s working on what and to keep in contact in case something needs your urgent attention.

You want to reply to your colleague’s questions, leave a comment under a discussion or reply to a to-do while not logged into Tameday.

The Solution:

Tameday’s Manage Notifications 

The Manage Notifications screen allows you to update settings so Tameday can send you email notifications when one of your team interacts with you or your work. You can then reply to messages in Tameday using the ‘reply’ function in the email.

How Does it Work?

When one of your team interacts with you via chat or updates something you’re involved in you will receive an email to your inbox to let you know what is happening.

If someone asks for your input in a to-do you’re in, you will receive an email to let you know and you can reply to this email and your response will appear in Tameday.

This means you can still interact with your team without having to be logged into Tameday.

You can also respond to chat messages through email.


Managing Your Notifications

You can change how you get notified and what you get notified about.

You can choose to be notified via email for every notification in Tameday or you can choose not to be notified of anything.

As well as choosing if you receive email notifications you can also choose at what time of the day and on which days you receive them, deciding what days of the week and times.

If you don’t want to receive email notifications at the weekend, you can simply turn them off for the weekend.

You can also just enable in-app notifications which means you won’t receive any emails but you will receive notifications in Tameday.

Email Digests

As well as receiving an email notifying you for every notification, you also have the option to receive Email Digests.

These digests let you know what work you have on for that day and who is on leave.

The ‘What’s on your Plate’ email contains your to-dos that are due for today, your events coming up and also your overdue to-dos that need your attention.

Every Monday morning, Tameday can automatically send you a ‘Who’s on Leave This Week’ email detailing who in your company’s Tameday account is on leave.

Details are collected from your Company HQ calendar so you can plan your working week ahead around who will be available.

Benefits of Managing Notifications

  • Allows you to keep an eye on what’s going on in your Tameday account.
  • Let’s you reply back to important work through email.
  • Receive email notifications only when you want to.
  • See at a glance who is on leave for the week.


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