Get Your Work Done Without Any Distractions

The Problem:

You’re sitting down about to focus on an important piece of work but you’re constantly being bombarded with chat messages and notifications from colleagues. The notifications and chats are interrupting your workflow, causing you to lose concentration and your train of thought.

Being included on every update on to-dos, discussions and events can divert your attention from things you’re focused on right now and push you towards menial tasks that you can tackle in 5 minutes when you have time.

With the ever-increasing accessibility of everyone in the office, it can seem difficult to get a minute to yourself and get some work done undisturbed.

Being constantly bombarded with chats, notifications and updates can sap productivity and in turn, negatively affect your quality of work.


The Solution:

Tameday’s Focus Mode.

Focus Mode was developed to give you the ability to block out notifications and messages in Tameday for a period of time, meaning you can work without any distractions and focus on what you’re supposed to do.

How Does it Work? 

You can enable Focus Mode from within Tameday and set a timer that can range from 10 minutes to 8 hours. You can extend the time for as long as you like and also turn off Focus Mode whenever you like.

When Focus Mode is enabled you will not receive any notifications or chats from your colleagues for as long as you have the timer set. Even though you won’t receive any notifications while Focus Mode is on, your notifications will be available when you disable Focus Mode.

Focus Mode Works Well With the Time Management Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Technique was developed and made famous by Francesco Cirillo, specialising in getting stuff done in a short, uninterrupted space of time. Read more about it here.

With the Pomodoro Technique in mind, Focus Mode was developed with the belief that everyone gets their best work completed in short, uninterrupted periods of time, usually 25 minutes, punctuated by breaks. That allows you to get your work done without any interference from notifications and messages.

Here’s something to try:

  • Decide on the task to be done,
  • Set the Focus Mode timer (traditionally 25 mins)
  • Get to work,
  • End work after the 25 minutes, take a short break and go again if necessary.

Auto-Message in Chat

Focus Mode is super helpful for letting colleagues know that you don’t want to be disturbed.

While you have Focus Mode enabled and a colleague sends you a message through Tameday Chat, they will receive an automatic message to let them know that you are in Focus Mode and for how long.

When your period of FM finishes, you notifications will show the chats that have come through that you might want to respond to.

Tameday Focus Mode auto-reply chat

Likewise, if one of your colleagues has Focus Mode enabled and you chat with them, you will receive a message letting you know how long is left in their FM period.

Even if your Focus Mode is turned on, you can still send messages to your colleagues. So if you’re working on something and suddenly you remember something important that you need to let your colleague know about, you can chat with them.

Benefits of Focus Mode

  • Increases the amount of time you spend on your work instead of answering chats and notifications.
  • Reduces the time you spend letting colleagues know that you’re starting an important piece of work.
  • Focus Mode is a great way of fostering a new office culture of respecting a colleague’s valuable time and attention—avoiding unreasonable expectations around when someone can respond to you.

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