Do you spend a lot of your working day switching between multiple apps? Do you struggle to find files when you need them as they’re saved in different locations?

The majority of workers find it extremely frustrating having to switch between different apps, from chat to finding a file, from to-dos to a separate calendar.

The Problem

Research by RingCentral and CITE revealed workers use an average of four communication apps.

69% of workers waste up to 60 minutes a day navigating between apps and 70% of workers find the communication volume challenging.

Interestingly, 66% of work want a single platform for all their communications as they believe it will save time, increase productivity and improve organisational communication.

It’s unlikely you’ve ever thought about app overload being a serious problem in your workplace.

However, if critical company communication is currently split across two or more apps then you have a problem that deserves attention from management.

Remember, apps are not the solution of organisation problems — they are there to complement it.

As you add more apps, it can create extra work and critical information can be duplicated.


What’s Working?

Before you get rid of anything, you need to focus on what apps you should keep.

Talk to your team and look at ways you can improve the things that everyone likes. Not everyone is gonna agree so be sympathetic if anyone is giving up his or hers favourite tool for the good of the team.

Apps and advanced searches can help but you still need to have your work organised.


One Centralised Tool

The best way to overcome app overload is by having one centralised tool for communication and project management for all employees.

Our project management tool, Tameday, has been designed to ease the frustrations of the modern worker by incorporating multiple apps in one place, to let you focus on the important stuff.

We’re really proud of the project management tool we’ve built and seeing how it helps teams focus and work together in one place.

Tameday keeps every project, team, conversation, file and your teams in one place.

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