The thought of giving up email seems crazy. After all, it’s a vital form of sending and receiving information and ditching it would leave a big hole in our lives. But when it comes to workplace communication, Tameday has seven reasons why you should ditch emails to increase efficiency.


Reason 1: Pointless Emails Accomplish Less Than Nothing

Unless an email has something crucial to say or it’s important to leave a paper trail, don’t hit the ‘send’ button. The more meaningless emails that pile up in a coworker’s inbox, the more annoyed they’ll be at having to sift through it all. The last thing you want is frustrated, disgruntled workers — if there’s no valid reason for the email, ditch it.


Reason 2: Tons of Emails Waste Time

If you’ve ever been in the situation where you’ve had to go through dozens of emails, then you know it’s a very high cost to the time you could be spending on other work. And this applies to out-of-work hours, too. Employees now check their emails as soon as they get up and before they go to bed, while they’re driving, when they’re in the bathroom, and even on vacation. This is a huge amount of wasted time.


Reason 3: They’re Less Efficient Than Other Tools

In a lot of workplaces, it’s not always practical to call regular meetings to go over things. Likewise, it’s not always practical to walk over to someone’s desk or to compose a formal email and send it over, either. This is where alternative forms of communication come in that take less time and boost productivity.


Reason 4: You Run the Risk of Appearing Outdated

Emails were great in the ‘90s. And while emails still have their place today, the type of platform you use says whether you’re a modern, progressive company or one stuck in time a couple decades back. However, if you use a new communication tool, you’re telling your employees you care about using the best technologies available to get the job done right.


Reason 5: It’s One More Tool to Say the Same Thing as in Other Channels

If you’re telling employees of work news on multiple channels like email, paper newsletter, poster board, social network and more, you’ve lost their attention. Employees are busy and just want to do their jobs, and overloading them with redundant information achieves the opposite goal. Ditch the emails and notify employees of important news on another medium.


Reason 6: They Lead to Confusion

Some email platforms make it easier than others to keep track of conversations, but it’s still tricky and time-consuming knowing which attachment should be opened when and who said what and why. Add in more than two team members, and it only gets harder. Cut out the confusion and put information in one, easy-to-access location.


Reason 7: Emails Suck at Being Multipurpose

If you’ve got to do a number of different tasks, like keeping track of time off, multiple projects and who’s working on them or tracking time and tasks, email’s pretty far down the list in terms of capability and efficiency. Instead, look towards using a tool that combines all your needs into one location, and one that has an intuitive user interface and experience.

If you’ve been wondering what this magic tool is that can do just about everything, the wait is over. Tameday anticipates the needs you have and turns meeting them into something fun and rewarding. If you’re curious about how it works…