“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
Helen Keller

When you work in a team, you’re more focused and produce better results than you would if working alone. Through online collaboration, your team can be more productive and innovative.

Online collaboration software (also known as groupware) has changed the way teams work — improving communication, task management and client relations.

According to Statista, 53% of businesses had adopted collaboration software in 2016 and this figure has continued to rise since, as organisations see the benefits online collaboration software can bring.

In this post, we will highlight the key benefits of online collaboration software and show you how it can improve your team’s productivity.

1. Collaborating Online Improves Communication

Online team collaboration tools like Tameday allow team members to share ideas, discuss problems and come up with solutions.

Efficient and faster communication is facilitated. Team members can use the chat feature to message a colleague or a group of colleagues instantly—and this can reduce internal email significantly.

Everyone can see the tasks, who they are assigned to and what deadline has been set for completion.

Decision-making is quicker and the need for meetings is reduced.

Team chat in Tameday


2. Collaborate Online Wherever You Are

The beauty of online collaboration is that everyone can participate from anywhere and projects can keep moving at a fast rate.

For remote teams, online collaboration software allows employees to work whenever and wherever suits them.

Team members have all the tools they need and can give updates from anywhere in the world.


3. Collaborating Online Brings Together More Ideas

Run an effective team meeting

In a physical meeting, although there will be a mix of personalities it’s usually the same old people who get their voices (and ideas) heard.

Online collaboration encourages more open communication. Everyone gets an opportunity to have their ideas heard.

With Tameday, you can even get the thoughts of people from other departments easily by inviting them into your project.


4. Collaborating Online Makes Project Management Easier

Online collaboration software allows the project manager to create a detailed plan of action. They can then schedule and assign tasks to team members.

If they see one member has too much work or is off unexpectedly, they can easily reassign to another member.

Project managers can easily check on progress and foresee any potential issues with milestones not being hit.

Coordinating multiple projects is easier as everything is in one place.

You can easily see who is off work in Tameday

See who’s off work today directly from your dashboard and get Monday morning emails telling you who has booked time off for the week ahead.


5. Collaborating Online Improves Vendor-Client Relationships

With online collaboration, the relationship between the vendor and the client is improved as communication is made easier.

A client can quickly see where a project is at, what has been done during the current week and what’s left to do.

The vendor can provide instant updates and answer any questions without the need to visit people in-person, thus saving time.

And if there are any issues, they can be resolved quickly.

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