If you’re a small business owner, you’ll likely have a passion and vision for your company’s success — after all, you have a lot on the line if things don’t work out. But you know that success largely hinges on the people around you — your team. 

To maximise revenue and productivity, your goal should be to keep your team motivated at all times… But how do you do this?

In this post, we’ll look at six ways to keep your team motivated — none of which include monetary rewards or extra holidays.

1. Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Bored at work

Meetings can be a huge waste of time. Keep your team motivated by cutting down on unnecessary meetings.

Consider alternatives such as online group chat to save time and boost productivity.

If you really need to have a meeting, check out our guide on how to run an effective team meeting.


2. Radiate Positivity


If you want your team to be motivated and enthusiastic about their work, then you need to lead by example.

Positive energy is contagious, but negativity can spread quickly too. So, how can you spread those positive vibes?

Play music, have fun, make a joke and try to create a high-energy and productive work environment.

Whenever possible, speak to them face-to-face to let them know they are valued.

Also, be polite when speaking to your staff — using “good morning”, “please” and “thank you”. This may seem small, even trivial— but it can go a long way to making staff feel like they matter.


3. Create a Nice Work Environment

team collaboration fist pump at computer

We spend so much time at work these days that we all want a place where we can be productive and feel stimulated.

Think lots of natural light and decluttered workspaces. It’s also nice to have a breakout/communal area where staff can socialise and collaborate.

Our office has free coffee every day and free pizza on the last Friday each month which always goes down a treat.

It helps to create a positive work environment and staff well rewarded for a job well done.

One thing that you shouldn’t do, is create a space that is almost encouraging staff to stay at work after hours.

Working late or early, just to get stuff done is a sign that your environment at work isn’t allowing people to do their jobs effectively — fix that instead of requiring people to stay late.


4. Establish Clear Goals and Priorities


Leaders and managers should ensure their team is always clear on its goals and priorities.

If you’re assigning tasks and projects to members, ensure they know what the end goal is, what is expected of them and when the deadline is.

Then trust them to deliver what you have asked — that means no micromanaging!


5. Consider Remote Working

Remote working

With technology changing the way we work, remote working has become more popular than ever.

Studies have shown that remote working can boost productivity with some very successful teams made up solely of remote workers spread across the world.

An increasing amount of businesses are following Netflix’s lead and adopting a company culture that is more focused on results than hours worked.


6. Use Team Building Exercises

Team building

Teams who socialise together, stay together and are more motivated.

Team building activities allow employees to let their hair down and have fun outside of the normal work environment.

Activities can increase creativity, boost morale and improve team communication.

What sort of activities should you choose?

It could be a few drinks after work, lunch in the office or bringing everyone out for dinner. There are tons of other options such as paintballing, go-karting, bowling or kayaking.

Can’t decide? You could get your team involved and ask them to vote using a poll within Tameday.

Tameday poll


Final Thoughts

Happy team members are productive ones!

Motivation plays a key role in retaining staff and improving productivity. If you want your employees to be motivated — treat them right.

This means compensating them fairly, appreciating them and being flexible when emergencies pop up.

Our project management tool, Tameday, has been designed to keep teams motivated and boost productivity.

Tameday keeps every project, team, client and conversation all in one place… And it’s free to use!

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