We’ve added some great new features to Tameday in December which we’re sure will improve your productivity. Get the low-down here!

Focus Mode

Yip, it’s finally here!!

Notifications are really handy and very useful. They let you know who’s interacting with you, alerting you to any work that you’ve been assigned and seeing new chats that have come in. But let’s say you have a heavy piece of work to do and you want to keep interruptions to a minimum.

This is where Focus Mode comes in. It keeps notifications from appearing on your account so you’re not distracted by anyone else interacting with you.

Focus mode turns off notifications temporarily, giving you time to focus and letting your team know when you’ll be available again.

You can control how long you keep focus mode on for and turn it off at any time.

If you receive a chat while in focus mode the other user will receive an automated message to let them know that you are in Focus Mode.


Mobile and Dashboard Optimisations

Whilst our Tameday apps for iOS and Android are still in development, we’ve been working hard on optimising the mobile experience for our users, across all mobile devices.

We’ve updated the Dashboard to give you all the essential info you need.

You can see your overdue to-dos, what you have on for today in terms of events and to-dos, as well as quick access to your inbox, discussions, files and bookmarks.

On the dashboard, you can also access your recent projects so you can remotely access your work within your projects.

Of course, with our Quick Add to Inbox and Global Add you can also add to-dos, events, files and more.


Creating Reminders is Ridiculously Easy!

The Quick Add to Inbox just got a whole lot more useful for users.

As you know, the Quick Add feature is super helpful when you want to get things out of your head to review later, all without interrupting what you’re doing now. But we’ve taken it a step further now by auto-creating calendar reminders for you if you add ‘reminder’ or ‘remind me’ and a time or day to your Quick Add entry.

Let’s say you’re just finishing a really long response to your boss and realise that you need to remind yourself to call a client back tomorrow. From anywhere in Tameday you can Quick Add to your Inbox and set yourself a reminder, by simply typing, ‘Remind me to call Brian tomorrow at 11:00’.

A reminder will automatically be added to your calendar, and Tameday will prompt you tomorrow to phone the client. Simples!! 😬


Search for Projects and Bookmarks Fast

You can now search for a project from the Project dropdown menu. This makes finding the project you’re looking for a lot easier and only a click away from anywhere in Tameday.

The bookmarks feature allows you to keep frequently accessed to-dos, discussions, files and more a click away—reachable from anywhere in Tameday.

In Manage Bookmarks you can add categories as well as pinning the most important of your bookmarks to the top of your list.

Use the bookmarks search feature to quickly find the bookmark you’re looking for.


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