Want to jump to any file, to-do or discussion with one click? Bookmark it!

The problem:

Having your files and notes scattered throughout folders and emails, then having to search for them individually every time they’re needed.

This frequent searching costs you valuable time every day, not to mention the constant frustration of having to do the same thing over and over again!

When your important documents and files are scattered in different folders, in your documents and on your desktop, it is a real killer for flow and productivity when it takes you too long to find what you’re looking for.

The solution:

Tameday’s bookmarks feature.

Instead of having your spreadsheets, files and notes dispersed in different places, you can keep them all within Tameday and bookmark them, so they’re always a click away.

Tameday allows you to keep your work in one place, and with bookmarks, it means that your most important files, notes, to-dos and discussions can be added and conveniently accessed from anywhere within the app. Make your documents easier to get to, exactly when you need them!

The bookmarks feature is just one small but powerful way Tameday makes our users’ lives easier. When something is bookmarked (and that can be just about anything) you can see exactly where it is in your Tameday account.

You’ll no longer have to spend 15 minutes searching for the copy of your company’s HR policies and procedures and another 10 checking it’s the latest version—because it can be easily stored in your Tameday account, bookmarked and retrieved instantly–whenever you need it.

If you’re working on various projects you can become inundated with files, discussions, to-dos and events. So knowing that you have space where you can keep documents and files that you need to access frequently can save you time having to search through all of your work.

Bookmarks that are easy to categorise and manage

You can add and delete bookmarks really easily within Tameday, improving how you manage your most important documents. Working on a new project and want to keep something at hand? Bookmark it. Don’t need it any more? Un-bookmark it. It’s that simple!

When your bookmarks are added you can then manage them by assigning categories. Assigning categories facilitates keeping your work organised in a way that you want.


For example, you can keep your to-dos together in one category and your links to Google docs in another.

Another example could be arranging your bookmarks by team—so you can jump to important files, documents and to-dos relating to your marketing team or sales team easily.

For those things that we need quick access more than others, there’s the ability to pin important bookmarks to the top, allowing you to access what you want in a shorter space of time.

Bookmarks search

When your bookmarks start to build up you can easily find what you’re looking for by using the bookmarks search. Anything you’ve added as a bookmark can be called from the list when you search for it.

If you’re fed up with having to constantly look for your most important documents in different places then Tameday is the solution. Stop inefficient workarounds and give Tameday a try.

Tameday is a project management tool that keeps every project, team, client and conversation all in one place… And it’s free to use!

Using any project management software should be about making real progress, giving your team control of the project and allowing them to get things done. With a 30-day free trial, you could be making headway on your projects today.

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