The all-in-one workspace
for teams and projects

Private chat, assign tasks, meet deadlines, share files and
keep everyone on the same page

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Bye-bye messy email chains!

Need to have a private conversation with a staff member, team or department? Tameday’s real-time chat lets you ask quick questions, discuss sensitive issues or make quick announcements to the right people.

If you’re tired of CC and BCC, of forgetting to hit ‘reply all’, and of searching for that file in endless email threads, then you’ll simply ❤️ Tameday.

“It’s like having a company WhatsApp for our teams and departments.”

Theresa Gallagher, Business Manager, Retail Ireland Skillnet
Private and shared calendars

Private and shared calendars

Always see the whole picture

Manage all your meetings, appointments, milestones, holidays and deadlines—and never let an important date slip again.

Easily plan things in advance with reminders on recurring to-dos and events. Keep things private or share with departments or your entire organisation, and sync everything with your Outlook, Google or Apple calendar.

Hello clear accountability

See who is working on what, for when

Create to-do lists for all the work you and other team members need to do, assign tasks, and set due dates with reminders. Tameday will let everyone know what they have to do for when.

To-do lists
Emma Kerr

“With Tameday, everyone knows what’s happening and what needs to be done. We couldn’t go back to email.”

Dr Emma Kerr

CRUK Career Development Fellow, Group Leader in Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast

Make announcements easily and keep discussions on point

Quickly make announcements to your whole company or a specific team 🔈, and keep discussions on topic with comments in context and on a single page. Forget sifting through emails to try to build a picture of who said what.

One place for your notes, files and documents

Forget stuff scattered across various locations and computers. With Tameday, everything is accessible online.

Every team and project has its own place to store and share documents, files, videos and images—so only the right people can find and see the right files.

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Find anything in Tameday

Find anything in an instant!

Search across all your teams, projects and activity that you’ve permission to see—within chats, discussions, comments and files—and filter by person, date and more. Tameday’s powerful search allows you to find what you’re looking for without scrolling through hundreds of emails or folders.